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tanks will no longer be the

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 will certainly renew Dirk Nowitzki, but the German tanks will no longer be the team headed star, but has become Monta - Ellis deputy. Nowitzki has repeatedly express a willingness to stay in Dallas.2013-14 season is the final year of the contract Nowitzki, worth $ 22,720,000. Mavericks season is now over, Dirk Nowitzki will become unrestricted free agents in the summer, and any team can talk about the contract, and any team can sign. However, nike air max excellerate 2 hombre   a variety of situations from the current point of view, the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki left in the basic iron nails thing, to see the amount and duration of the contract."Obviously, Dirk will not go anywhere, he was one of the founders of the team since joining NNBA has been playing for us." Nelson said. Mavericks owner Mark - Mark Cuban's attitude is very clear, as long as he has repeatedly said publicly willing Nowitzki, the Mavericks would have been out of the renewal of the contract.Nowitzki, 35, since his debut in 1998 and has been in the Mavericks, has played 16 seasons, is a veritable veteran. Comprehensive Nowitzki repeatedly said he and the Mavericks this will be a multi-year renewal contract, but the contract amount does not like - Kobe Bryant did, he would take a pay cut to keep the team. Renew his contract expires after this, the situation will be a year to a year and a calf renewal, until he does not want to fight so far.However, after this renewal Nowitzki will no longer be the team headed star, he will become the Mavericks underboss. Nelson said the Mavericks are now the focus of the team shifted to Monta Ellis - who, Dirk Nowitzki as the team's second in command will be. The implication, Nowitzki pay cut sharply after the renewal, because the team "big headed" Ellis salary the 


next three seasons are no more than nine million U.S. dollars.Nowitzki obvious declining trend this year, especially in the playoffs this year, he has been unable to dominate the game. Nowitzki playoffs this year, averaging 19.1 points, eight rebounds and 1.6 assists while shooting 42.9% three-point shooting only 8%, averaging two-thirds vote of 0.1. He Mavericks and Spurs in the deciding game, the whole game 8 of 21 shots, did not hit a three-pointer, scored 22 points and 9 rebounds. Nowitzki admitted after the game he is playing well this series myself Beijing at 18:00 on the May 6, 2014 AFC Champions League 1/8 final first leg, Guangzhou Hengda away against Cerezo Osaka. From gaming companies out of the odds of view, Hengda is expected to triumph in Japan.Hengda in the game against Japan before the AFC team record well in the knockout stages is unbeaten, 2012 FC Tokyo 1-0 home defeat to advance the quarterfinals. salomon speedcross 3 cs baratas  2013 season semi-final against Kashiwa Reysol, Hengda more based on the total score 8-1 Kuangtu two rounds finals opponents. This time Hengda J League team suffered again in the playoffs, psychologically occupy certain advantages.In order to prepare for this game, the last round of Super Hengda were large rotation, Gao Lin, Muric, who have gained a degree of rest, captain Zheng Zhi's comeback to the team is a shot in the arm. Cerezo Osaka, the last round of the J League away win over Nagoya Grampus Eight, won the last 10 games 2 wins, persimmon and Fran Long Valley Yao a score, which is worth two killers Hengda attention.In a gaming company out of odds, Cerezo Osaka win compensation 3.50, 3.30 level compensation, while Hengda win odds are 1.90. Translated over, Hengda win up to 47.20 percent probability, while Sakura is only 25.62%, if you count the draw, get out away from the Hengda possibility is close to 75%!In the score disk, Hengda and Cerezo Osaka 1-1 draw odds lowest, 6.50, Hengda 


defense, especially the other two killers to be careful. Evergrande 2-1 and 1-0 odds are 8.50 and 9.00,2-0 odds to win is 10.00. The Cerezo Osaka 1-0 and 2-1 odds to win are 13.00, seen overall, gaming companies are more optimistic about the Hengda away fighting. Cruised to the playoffs, something ministry semifinals will be opened today. Efficiency in the playoffs standings, LeBron - James rose to the top position, the Mavericks DeJuan - ranked second Blair, LaMarcus - Aldridge fell to third place, Dwight - Howard Ranking Fourth. Lillard ranked eighth - lore rocket Damian.James in the first round of the efficiency values as high as 33, is the only one of all the players over 30 players. He swept the Heat's series against the Bobcats, averaging 39.3 minutes played, had 30 points, eight rebounds and six assists and 2.3 steals, shooting up 55.7 percent, the third hit rate as high as 35 percent, averaged 1.8-thirds vote in the , free throw rate of 79.5%, the field can get 11 free throws.Blair's efficiency is 29.4, ranking second. Blair is a role player the Mavericks, he averaged only 13.5 minutes of playing time to get in the series games against the Spurs, but the efficiencysalomon speedcross 3 cs mujer   is very high, averaging 6.7 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.3 offensive rebounds, and 2 times steals, shooting up 59.3 percent. It is because of Blair's outstanding performance, the Mavericks to win the sixth game of the series dragged into the seventh.Aldridge fell to third place, the efficiency is 28.8, and he was more than James ranked the top position before. Aldridge played in the first two games against the Rockets in the performance of the same God, cast his first game 31 17, got 46 points and 18 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, second game 28 cast 18, get 43 point

victory over the Atlanta campaign

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However, Lin ignoring outside trade rumors, that this has been going on the past few years, be regarded as the norm.Lin also said that he would steal the division Manu - Gino than the Manu as their learning goals. Spurs Ginobili in the series against Dallas outstanding performance, especially in the decisive seventh game of both moments, he successfully led the Spurs rhythm, whether organizational or personal attacks are very good, the Spurs the best performance of the field one of the players. In Rome on Sunday after beating Cagliari, Juventus have won early rounds, completed the first of three consecutive Serie A since the 1934-35 season. After the victory over the Atlanta campaign, Juventus 96 points after 36 plot, continue to create the club single-season points record in team history, from the creation of the 2006-07 season, Inter Milan 97 points shy of 1 minute, 54 points at home is also close to the integral AC Milan Serie A 2004-05 season, scoring single season home just under 1 minute.The campaign also created three Juventus record 31 nike air max 95 bb hombre  times to win the league this season, surpassing Inter Milan in Serie A in the 2006-07 season to create single-season wins record 18-game winning streak at home to continue to expand Serie home winning streak, while tying Turin 1948-49 season, AC Milan in the 2005-06 season at home to create a single season wins record. Bianconeri also continued in January 2001 after three unbeaten record against Atlanta, 19 war made 17 wins, 2 scores since.Pardo scored the first goal of the season, but after the break the old primary goal was not to celebrate Pardo, Pardo scored in Serie A last or in the March 18, 2012. Yepes blocking Pado direct result of neck injuries when a shot was 



stretchered off the pitch. Long-term injured Pepe off the bench, this is Pepe's first appearance since November 18, 2012. Slim title hopes Liverpool: Liverpool campaign only got a minute, more than 81 points a game in over Manchester City 1 minute back top. Liverpool only last, but Manchester City have two games to play, goal difference than Liverpool more than nine. To win you must be looking forward to Liverpool Manchester City to drop points.Suarez after the game crying! Although today the Soviet Union into 31 balls God tied the scoring record Hiller C Lo Premier League 38 times. 3-goal lead but the results end up being tied Suarez makes it difficult to accept the Soviet Union after the game crying tears of God, and the scene is heartbreaking.Liverpool 99 league goals! The games and scored three goals, Liverpool league goals this season to 99 goals! Then into a ball Pobai. In addition, Liverpool have 21 league games this season, at least three goals, have created a Premiership record.Sturridge broke four balls Shortage: Sturridge back from injury outstanding performance today, he broke nearly four balls shortage this season to reach 21 league goals, in addition to seven assists. Sturridge for Liverpool this season, played 28 Premier League, the Red Army, and his 28 nike air max 90 em hombre baratas  goals are related!Qiao Alun his first Liverpool goal: The first 18 minutes, Qiao Alun nice header into the first league goal for Liverpool. End in the Premier League goal drought of 737 days, his last goal in the Premier League was in April 2012 when the effectiveness of Swansea.Gerrard 2 season 21 assists: Jay contributed two assists in the team today, 12 times this season, the Premier League assists tied teammate Suarez. Premier League assists nearly two seasons Gerrard reached 21 times, 20 times beyond Rooney topped.Liverpool Premier League away King: The games and scored three goals, Liverpool this season, scoring 48 goals 


away to 19, surpassing Manchester United's 47 goals in the 2001-02 season, the Premier League team in the history of the strongest firepower away. LeBron - James, Miami Heat 109-98 leg injury in game sweep of the Bobcats, but he accepted today, "Sun Sentinel newspaper" when interviewed said that the leg injury has been without problems, will be 100% Nets vs. Miami Heat nemesis status. Nets 4-0 in the regular season sweep of the Heat.James injured after the game, still remain in the field, but his game has been dragged III and IV on one leg, walking some limping up. After the end of the game, he played a total of 43 minutes, scored 31 points and nine assists and seven rebounds, is the top performing player audience.After waiting for the winner of the Heat eliminated the Bobcats between the Nets and Raptors, who up to now have time to rest for a full eight days. James, take advantage of this time to rest eight days, his body adjusted to the optimum state, in his own words, the honeymoon period was back in September last year."I'm still in treatment, but the pain has become the past. To Tuesday (GMT Wednesday) and the Nets game, my big leg should be almost 100% recovery of it, I have participated in the team's confrontational training, I have participated in the team nike air max 2014 mujer confrontational training for some time. "James said.Apart from the occasional encounter outside limit, James participated in all six training Miami rest period. James in the series against the Bobcats, averaging 39.3 minutes played, had 30 points, eight rebounds and six assists and 2.3 steals while shooting 55.7 percent, the third hit rate of 35%, averaged 1.8-thirds vote in free throws hit rate of 79.5%. Playoffs, the Spurs eliminated the Mavericks 3-4 tragically, declaring that they have ended the 2013-14 season, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki's contract problem surfaced. Mavericks manager Donnie - Nelson revealed that the Mavericks

Bayern Boateng's behavior

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 advice Boa Teng direct red card penalty. After the game, Bayern Boateng's behavior was rebuked CEO, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said:. "The foul was no brain, ignoring the team's discipline, the team would Boateng additional penalty" in an interview when Boateng also apologized for his actions.According to the "Munich  comprar salomon speedcross 3 cs Daily" said, the German Football Association disciplinary committee has formally decided to Boateng additional punishment, Germany Wardens will be suspended for two games, which means that, not only Boateng will miss the final round of the season against Stuttgart game, will miss the first round of the league next season. However, Boateng could debut in the German Cup final against Borussia Dortmund in the game, according to the "team" message, France winger Franck Ribery is likely to miss this match-ups because of injury.Last weekend's league game against Hamburg, Ribery will miss because of a back injury, according to "Equipe" the latest news, the French winger's injury is not optimistic about recovery, you still need some time for treatment and recovery, and most likely in Absent May 17 German Cup final against Borussia Dortmund. Rooney has participated in the team's regular training, and said he would not miss this season, Manchester United in the last leg home; Evra said he will decide his future soon vest and said that this season is like a terrible nightmare, only Van Gaal to lead the team out of trouble.Rooney is in the team's training Thursday, groin injury limped go to the hospital. Although afterwards examination revealed the injury is not serious, but the team did not let it participate in the weekend's game with Sunderland. Giggs had alreadyRooney's midweek comeback not expect it, but according to the British "Mirror" message, Rooney has joined the line of fire before the team's training and recovery in good condition, the players I do not want to miss the last home game of 


the season.The games against Hull City will be one of the final two games of the season, coach Ryan Giggs, Manchester United is also the last show of the season at Old Trafford, although theoretically remaining European Cup competition hopes But the England players are still reluctant to let the fans down. Earlier in Moyers office, Rooney had the experience of playing in the Champions League closed.After learning the basic Van Gaal took over Manchester United, the team veteran Patrice Evra also expressed exploits welcomed the marshal, he said the past season is simply a nightmare, let the team's record slump in support of their fans shame, "This year we played poorly, we accept any criticism, we let the fans down, Manchester United's Alex Ferguson is the heart, it is hard to easily erase his influence, so we went through such a difficult season. "But Evra prospects on the team is very optimistic, he thinks compared to Moyers, Van Gaal will be more suitable for Manchester United, he will lead the team to get back the lost confidence, "This year we have a lack of confidence and self to Here, the Manchester United has not lost a season so many balls for each  nike air max excellerate 2 mujer player, this season is a nightmare, but fortunately there is Van Gaal, he has the ability to take us out of this nightmare. "For their own future, the French also gives a more clear answer, he said he will soon decide whether to leave, despite the scandal generated with many despots, but they still love Manchester United, "I will determine within two weeks the future, I leave or stay about anything will not change my decision, we will broker high-level meeting with Manchester United as soon as possible. "But Evra said he loved Zhezhi club will not wait do intend


 to end the season, he will leave his former club sufficient buffer time tonight 18:00, Guangzhou Hengda away against Cerezo Osaka in the 2014 AFC Champions League 1/8 the first leg of the knockout tournament. El Eriksson and Muric state sustained recovery, together with Diamanti enlarge the Hengda hope. The Cerezo Osaka despite seemingly strong, but they never found in the game feel lucky AFC also qualify, so Hengda win the game on the road should not be difficult.Hengda loss Orangemen rival coach ChanCerezo Osaka in the final round before the group stage qualify to get in after the victory over Shandong Luneng, they have to face Guangzhou Evergrande. Coach Gregg Popovich said: "This game is a very good chance that opponents are very strong, but also the defending champion, we can not miss this opportunity, although we are lucky enough to win the group, but this time we participate in AFC The purpose is not only to break through the group stage, our aim is, lay the game, play the training level. challenging game for us, the opponent is very strong, we strive to break through the 16, which enters into the finals. "Among the group stage, Cerezo Osaka beat  zapatillas nike air max lunar away Luneng was able to enter 16, which is obviously helpful for them against Hengda Popovich when it comes to this issue a little Chinese national football banter, he said: "The Chinese league ball team have made great progress, I'm not saying China's national team, but the Chinese club, we are young, and if you compare Shandong and Guangzhou team, I find it difficult to make a judgment and I think the team is very strong in Shandong high levels, Guangzhou Hengda is the last AFC champions, tomorrow for us to go through a very tough baptism, we are very young, but also a rare 

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